September 21, 2003 Cancer patient still passionate about football…..more
September 22, 2003 Official News Release of Gridirion Girls Inc. …….. more
August 20,2003 Official News Release of the San Diego SunFire ……. more
August 9, 2003 San Diego SunFire 2003 Media Info ……. more
August 8, 2003 HOT NEWS – Home Opener next Saturday, August 16th!! ……. more
August 1, 2003 Media Release! 3rd Season Kicks off this Weekend!!!  ……. more
June 30 – 2003 Home Game Giveaways Announced!      ……. more
June 30 – 2003 San Diego SunFire Media Release!! Hot Newz and Upcoming Events       ……. more
June 08 – 2003 San Diego SunFire Media Release – New Season Schedule Released!!    …….    more
SunFire and Ballys Fitness Centers    …….   more
May 14 – 2003 San Diego SunFire Media Release – 2-day Training camp kicks off Official Practice season for the SunFire!    …….    more
February 05 – 2003 Celebrate Girls and Women in Sports !     …….   more
January 20 – 2003 SunFire at the NFLX for the San Diego hosted SuperBowl !!    …….    more
December – 2002 Punt, Pass and Kick San Diego Sectional Championship    …….    more
December 14 – 2002 End of Season Press Release     …….   more
December 11 – 2002 Local women’s football team starts to catch fire     …….   more
December 26 – 2002 SunFire and teams of the AFWL on Cox Channel 4!    …….    more
November 22 – 2002 San Diego SunFire Day!!     …….   more

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Sponsorship Information and Advertising Opportunities
Be a Part of the Hottest New League in North America

The Official SunFire Collectible Game Program
Program ads vary in price and size, full rate cards available upon request

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Sponsor the appearances of the players, coaches and celebrities.

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Your logo right on the athletes for all to see.

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• Goal Post Banners

Four spaces are available for purchase. Banners to be provided by the sponsor.

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Announcements about your product or service at the stop of play will be heard by thousands of fans attending, listening, and watching the game.

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Your advertisement and/or promotion on the back of 1000’s of tickets each game.

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Create your own banner and advertise on our web site, or sponsor a page and be visited by thousands monthly interested in football.

• Game Day Events
Kids Clinics,Contests.

There are many other advertising opportunities available, please contact the Director of Marketing and Business Development at to discuss the opportunity that’s right for you!