San Diego SunFire 2003 Media  Info
SunFire at a Glance


League:           WPFL –

Team Site:

Team Colors: Fire Red, Sun Yellow, and California Blue

Stadium:          La Jolla High School  – 750 Nautilus St. – La Jolla, CA  92037

Game Times:  7:05p

Phone:           Office 619.295.8649 Fax 810.592.1836

Office:          2635 Camino del rio So. #111 SD, CA 92108

Ticket Prices: $15 Single Game    $65 season pass

Ticket Info:  Group discounts  for 10 or more

Press Passes:     The first SunFire home game is August 16th. Please email – with your organizations’ name and address. Press passes will be delivered to your facility. For more press info call 6192958649.

Game day Scores:  Scores and recaps will be available immediately following the game by calling the    SunFire’s mobile media outlet @ 6192002555.

History:      The SunFire is in it’s 3rd season of pro women’s football.  The SunFire is the first women’s team to be featured in the San Diego Hall of Champions.   The SunFire is listed in the SDISC’s end of the year report, along with San Diego’s other sports teams.  The San Diego. San Diego’s Superwomen finished with the best record in the American Football Women’s League, and came just short of calling themselves Champions in 2002. The SunFire put San Diego on the women’s football map by starting flag football leagues for women and girls.  The women have volunteered hundreds of hours conducting girl’s football clinics all over San Diego. They’ve formed alliances with the San Diego Spirit, the San Diego RipTide, Girls Scouts, San Diego City College and the Pacific Women’s Sports Foundation for National Girls and Women in Sports Day celebrations.  For the third  straight year they were asked to host the San Diego Chargers NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass and Kick Sectional Championship. The SunFire was featured in the Lady Liberty Classic a women’s football exhibition at the 2003 SuperBowl NFL Experience. San Diego showed it’s appreciation by proclaiming December 14th, San Diego SunFire Day!!

Practice Times and Field Info – The SunFire practices Tuesdays and Thursdays at Miramar Field One – and trains 3 days a week at Bally’s Fitness Centers. Weekday practices 6-8pm – Directions to Miramar Base – Field Two – From 15 exit Miramar Way. Go through back gate. Go to the 2nd light  (Mitscher) right.  Go to the next light go left.  Field two is on the Right.

2003 Game Schedule:

2003 San Diego SunFire Schedule

Week 1 Sun. Aug 3  – @ Long Beach
Week 2 – Sat. Aug 9 – BYE
Week 3 – Sat Aug 16 – Long Beach
Week 4 – Sat. Aug 23 – LA Amazons
Week 5 – Sat. Aug 30 – @AZ Caliente
Week 6 – Sat. Sep 6 – @Houston Energy
Week 7 – Sat. Sep 13 – Scorpions
Week 8 – Sat. Sep 20 – BYE
Week 9 – Sat. Sept 27 – AZ Knighthawks
Week 10 – Sat. Oct 4 – @LA Amazons 1pm
Week 11 – Sat. Oct 11 – @AZ Knighthawks
Week 12 – Sat. Oct 18 – AZ Caliente

BOLD – denotes home game at La Jolla High School

Players – Vets  The SunFire has a host of All Stars as well as some impressive rookies on the new roster.

Key veterans, including all-stars Carmen Cruz (WR), Athena Reyes (DB),  Michelle Bryant (OL), and Railene Ritzberg (RB), Desiree Iuli (OL)  will return for the new season.

Cruz and Reyes, former hoopsters will spend part of the Summer playing basketball for the Rebels of the San Diego based Women’s Amateur Basketball League.

Bryant bka Big Red – An All–Star of season one, Big Red returns from work in Germany to jump back into action with the SunFire!

Story Lines   

A Family Affair – (OL) Desiree Iuli, an All-Star and 3 year vet,  (DL) Leslie Fisher in her second season with the SunFire and pulling double duty playing on the Spring league women’s football team the Seacatz, and (OL/DL) Mindy Iuli, impressive rookie linewoman,

Share more than just the field.. they’re all sisters.

Veteran Profiles  

Laquetta Benjamin (DL) – Nickname:  “Que” , 3 year veteran.. Future all-star.  Que is a dedicated member of the SunFire, former basketball player and mother of a son who plays football at Mesa College.

Lisa Sigmund (OL) – Nickname: “Big White” Big Red’s partner in O-Line crime will be back for her 2nd season. A first year All-Star, Lisa is a mother of 3 and raises horses for a living.   Tryout Notes: Strong and agile.  Lisa’s strength has improved since last season!

Rookie Profiles

Aisha Ruffo (QB) – Nickname:  Cha Cha,  San Diego native, former basketball star at Morse high School and Southwestern College.  Played high School hoops with SunFire Carmen Cruz.   Currently playing with Cruz and Reyes in the women’s Summer basketball league. Tryout notes: Accurate passer, well-conditioned athlete!

Jasmine Sveum (LB) – Nickname: Jaz, Played tackle football in Colorado with the Koalas, Club Rugby player, Avid climber, hiker and recreational boxer. Tryout notes:  Strong and fast. Tenacious athlete!

New This Season!!

La Jolla High School – Home Field

The SunFire will play at a LJHS Saturday nights at 7pm.  La Jolla is one of the few San Diego high schools with the new turf field.   The field has been found to be a better surface for the women to play on.

SunFire Sparks

The SunFire’s girls flag team debuts!!   Look for these young ladies ages 8 – 14 to make special appearances with the players as well as play exhibition flag football games.  They will also be the SunFire’s ball girls.  GGI and the SunFire Sparks were awarded the  SportMart Grant for Girls for 2003!

For more info call the SunFire offices at 6192958649.

Name Weight Height Jersey Season Positions
Allen Shafranda 241lbs 5’6″ 55 2 OL/DL
Anderson Natalie 245lbs. 5’9″ 62 0 OL/DL
Azevedo Jacqueline 140lbs. 5’8″ 21 0 LB
Benjamin LaQuetta 183lbs. 5’5″ 69 3 DL
Bryant Michelle 275lbs. 5’7″ 99 2 OL/DL
Cardoza Bernie 170lbs. 5’5″ 54 0 LB
Centeno Rose 170lbs 5’6″ 56 0 LB
Corrine Angie 145lbs. 5’6″ 8 0 QB/DB
Cruz Carmen 167lbs. 5’7″ 81 3 WR,DB
Eala Mary Grace 125 lbs. 5’6″ 29 0 WR
Farmer Sherry 165lbs 5’9″ 49 0 LB
Fernando Rhoda D. 135lbs 5’6″ 39 0 RB
Fisher Lesley 275lbs. 5’7″ 75 2 LB
Fox Donna 115lbs 5’3″ 25 4 RB/DB
Garcia Denise 265lbs. 5’6″ 66 2 OL
Hanlon Wendy 200lbs. 5’2″ 50 0 DL
Hunter Teria 200lbs. 5’10” 56 2 LB
Iuli Desiree 245lbs. 5’5″ 76 3 DL
Iuli Mindy 250lbs. 5’4″ 77 0 DL
Kimsey Selena 165lbs. 5’6″ 18 2 Kicker
Lewandowski Zoie 146lbs. 5’7″ 38 2 WR
Loftis Kelly 170lbs. 5’7″ 51 2 LB
Lopez Elena 130lbs. 5’3″ 24 0 DB
Maldonado Jess 100lbs 5’2″ 28 0 DB
McKinney Latasha 160lbs 5’4″ 32 0 RB,WR
Mooney Trinity 175lbs 5’8″ 43 0 RB,WR
Nealy Faith 158lbs. 5’7″ 27 3 DL
Nofuente Catherine 160lbs. 5’1″ 68 0 LB
Powless Monique 235lbs 5’9″ 92 0 DL
Reyes Athena 125lbs. 5’5″ 22 3 WR
Ritzberg Railene 122lbs. 5’3″ 20 3 RB
Rogers Felicia 155lbs 5’1″ 47 0 DB
Ruffo Aisha 165lbs. 5’10” 7 0 QB
Sigmund Lisa 265lbs 5’8″ 71 2 OL/DL
Sill Nicole 140lbs. 6’0″ 80 2 WR
Sutton Tahirah 160lbs. 5’5″ 42 0 LB
Sveum Jasmine 160lbs. 5’5″ 34 0 LB/Kicker
Ten Broeck Shannon 135lbs. 5’7″ 30 0 DB
Tarpy Marci 154lbs. 5’5″ 46 0 LB
Vigil Anna 175lbs 5’0″ 65 0 DL
Walter Katrina 224lbs. 6’1″ 84 2 OL/DL
Waugus Heidi 161lbs. 5’5″ 82 2 WR
Weber Danielle 210lbs. 5’8″ 97 0 OL/DL
Wilson Marissa 176lbs. 5’7″ 52 0 LB