PR #2003-08 (June 20, 2003)

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San Diego SunFire Media Release

New Season Schedule Released!

San Diego, CA –Get ready!!  The SunFire 2003 schedule has been released! Find out when and where you can see the SunFire ON the field!! 2003 Schedule Check the current SunFire Calendar to find out when and where you can see the SunFire OFF the field!!

Gridiron Girls at the Del Mar Fair!  From now through July 6th meet the Gridiron Girls, the San Diego SunFire and the SunFire Sparks at the Del Mar Fair in the Pavilion!!!  See video of the games, meet the players, girls can try on the equipment, see pictures, pick up the new season brochures!!   Fans can get up close and personal with the San Diego SunFire!  Come meet the SunFire at the Del Mar Fair Pavilion!

SunFire at the San Diego Padres on the 4th of July! Baseball fans can spend the fourth of July with the SunFire!!  San Diego’s Superwomen will be on hand to sing autographs in the Qualcomm concourse!   Pick up your season brochure and game schedule!!

New Sponsors and Marketing partners!

SunFire and Ballys Fitness Centers The SunFire and Bally’s have reached a ground breaking Sponsorship and Marketing agreement.  Bally’s is now the official gym of the San Diego SunFire!!   Ballys and the SunFire will offer all season ticket holders a free 1-month pass to Bally’s so they can workout with the SunFire!!!  Additionally, all Bally’s current members will be offered a special buy one get one free single game ticket offer to see the SunFire in action!!

SunFire and California VIP The SunFire and California VIP club card have reached a Sponsorship and Marketing agreement for the 2003 season!! California’s premier VIP cardholders will be able to get front of the line service and purchase SunFire single game tickets 2 for 1 at the gate!! The VIP club card offers holders hundreds of local discounts saving members thousands of dollars while affording card holders vip treatment at San Diego’s’ favorite nightclubs restaurants and attractions!

SunFire and Netflix  The San Diego SunFire and Netflix the #1 online DVD rental company have reached a Sponsorship and Marketing agreement to offer a free signup and a special rate for SunFire fans!!  Fans will be able to rent as many DVDs as they want for a special SunFire monthly price.

Season starts August 2nd!!  Go SunFire!